The Story

In life, there are some people who are lucky enough to find their soul mate. The person who brings out the best in you, makes you laugh, brings joy to your life, knows your fears, supports your ambitions. This person is not perfect, but they are perfect for you. Annie and Carl found this in one another. They are a beautiful couple, and people who know them can feel the love between them. They are the friends you call not just to hang out, but when you need help moving, painting, fixing things, and they are the friends who show up EVERY time. On September 27th, after being married for less than a year Carl had a terrible accident. He was working on his deer blind for the start of hunting season when he fell and broke his back in three places. He was by himself without his phone. Thankfully, when he didn't come home on time Annie went looking for him and with the help of Aaron found him, hurt but alive. Carl was brought to the hospital and had surgery on his back. He has a complete spinal cord injury and does not have feeling from his rib cage down. Things have changed in an instant for Annie and Carl and they will need much help and support in the weeks, and months ahead. Carl is in good spirits and ready to face the challenges ahead. We want to lessen the burden that they will face any way possible. One way is financially. If you are able to make a donation we would truly appreciate it. Any amount would be helpful, and if you are unable to donate, please keep them in your prayers. "Where there is hope, there is faith, where there is faith, miracles happen"